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PONTUS Diatomite Drying Pen 1pc
PONTUS Diatomite Drying Pen 1pc

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Large area, small gap OK! It absorbs water immediately, and the toy is dry instantly! The Diatomite Drying Pen combines 2 modes to experience double powerful moisture absorption. After inserting the pen body into the masturbation cup, it can absorb a lot of water, and with the unique pen tip, it can deeply sweep away the crevices! Bertex diatomaceous earth moisture-absorbing stick is specially designed for various masturbation devices. It can not only quickly restore the dry state of favorite toys, prevent mold growth, but also avoid damage caused by opening the colloid, so that the masturbation device remains hygienic and durable. WARNING: Keep the product away from children. DO NOT expose the product to humid places, direct UV or sunlight for an extended period.
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