Storia Maro Medicated Deo Scalp Shampoo (For Men) 480ml
Storia Maro Medicated Deo Scalp Shampoo (For Men) 480ml

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A soothing, refreshing shampoo for men Gently yet thoroughly cleanse & purify the scalp without stripping away natural oils Creates rich-foaming lather that smoothly washes away dirt & oil build-up Developed with a gentle & mild natural moisturizing formula to remove scalp impurities Enriched with herbal extracts to prevent dandruff, itchiness & odor Contains a proprietary blend of 4 traditional herbal essences (moisturizing agents) including amur cork tree extract, hops extract, camellia sinensis leaf extract & persimmon tannin extract Made with active compound o-cymen-5-ol & cleansing agent cyclodextrin to eliminate the underlying cause of the odor Enriched with 5 types of rare essential oils to keep hair & scalp properly hydrated Offers extraordinary antimicrobial & cleansing effects Provides an irresistible, delightfully, cooling & refreshing sensation on scalp Silicone-Free
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